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Map of Australia showing the location of Mackay Reef Fish Pty LtdMackay Reef Fish Supplies is based in Mackay, Queensland, Australia and is backed by many years experience in Great Barrier Reef fishing.

The Company manages the total fishing operation from the catch at sea to market place delivery and offers an extensive choice of consistently high quality seafoods.

Mackay Reef Fish Supplies had its origins when master fisherman David Caracciolo commenced selling his catch directly to the market.   His success led to other fishermen selling their catches to him. 

Constant growth and service to the fishing community has brought Mackay Reef Fish Supplies to its Mackay Reef Fish facilities in Mackay, Queensland, Australiacurrent state.  Mackay Reef Fish Supplies now has wharf unloading facilities and a new seafood processing facility encompassing a 400 tonne storage freezer, blast freezer and processing facilities with full export registration and handles fresh and frozen fish, prawns and crustaceans.



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